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SubjectRe: 2.2.1 drivers/scsi/st.c
On Jan 30, Wakko Warner wrote:

> I don't understand enough about the kernel to do this so I'm asking here..
> In 2.0.36 when writing to a scsi tape, it would accept all data sizes
> (mainly sending the output of gzip to the tape). In 2.2.1, it'll send all
> out except for the last block (which is less than 4096, and I'm assuming
> it's not the blocksize that the driver is expecting).
> What I'm looking for is a patch that will pad the block being written to the
> next higher block size with NULLs.

probably the wrong way to go -- padding NULLs might kill your original data (semantics)!

which tape drive are you using ?

check the default tape block size for both 2.0/2.2 kernel using `mt stat'.
for DAT, EXABYTE etc. (which do support variable length tape blocks)
you can/should use

mt setblk 0

to enable variable block lengths. so you can write final blocks which
are not multiples of blocksize (and not mutliples of powers of two).

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