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SubjectGateway 2000 keyboard repeat with 2.2.1
     Has anyone noticed that keyboard repeat doesn't work anymore? (Or
least under conditions I don't yet understand). Here's some salient


1. If you hold a key down, first two keystrokes come back at normal

speed. Subsequent keys that are recognized are returned,
at the rate of one per second.
2. I've seen this on my Gateway 2000 with a P60 and Mercury
Have a PII450 where everything continues to
run fine. Only certain PS/2 keyboard/mouse interfaces?
3. Seen this on 2.2.0-pre8 - 2.2.1 (ac)
4. Naturally things have worked fine with previous versions. I'll
to go back to when keyboard.c/pc_keyb.c were reorg'ed
to know when the fault began.
5. With all kernel messages in keyboard drivers allowed, there's no

obvious timeouts.
6. Am comparing this to 2.0.36 drivers. (man is it different). The
enable_keyboard() inline: the only architecture that might
expand this into a useful macro is an SGI/mips. Do those boxes

support 101/PS2 style keyboards (i.e., should the macro be

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Bryan W. Headley -

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