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SubjectRe: Again: EQL - someone's use this thing yet? wrote:
> Hello!
> > Hmm.. does it really do bonding, where the slaves have the same mac
> > address?
> MAC addresses are not essential, they may be equal, may be not equal.
> The devices can be just completely physically different.
> F.e. you can balance 100Mbit ethernet and 2400baud slip line fairly,
> both of them will get fair share of packets 8)

Then it won't work with Cisco Etherchannel, or Sun Trunking software.
These protocols are mac hardware based; so, you can balance more than
just IP (IPX, Appletalk, even NETBIOS can be balanced across it.)

Ok. So that means my channel bonding device is still needed.

Thomas Davis | PDSF Project Leader |
(510) 486-4524 | "Only a petabyte of data this year?"

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