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    SubjectRe: timer_bh behaviour incorrect for 2.2.13?
    On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, William Montgomery wrote:

    >On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
    >> >> > >
    >> >> > > while ((active = get_active_bhs()) {
    >> >
    >> >how about .... __sti(); ?
    >> >
    >> >> > > clear_active_bhs(active);
    >> Yes that' the right place for the __sti(). After reading the active bhs
    >> and before clearing them. Also remove the __sti and __cli() from the
    >> caller.
    >Maybe the __sti(); should come *after* the clear_active_bhs?


    >A bh could get marked just prior to the clear_active_bhs and be lost?

    We atomically only clear the ones that we are going to execute really. See
    the clear_active_bhs implementation. The only thing that matters for UP is
    that we take irq disabled all the time after we seen `active == 0'. Thus
    we can enable interrupts locally _before_ clear_active_bhs but _after_

    >Does it hurt to keep __sti and __cli() in the caller?

    No of course, they should be removed (see my previous email ;).


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