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SubjectRe: Again: EQL - someone's use this thing yet?
On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Vladislav Malyshkin wrote:

> I use mulipath routing for that.
> Install ip program from Alexey Kuznetsov
> iproute-2.2.4-2 package (on RedHat 6.1)
> then
> entablish all your ppp links WITHOUT default route set in ppp configuration.
> then
> /sbin/ip route add default nexthop via gateway.number.1.ip dev ppp0 nexthop via gateway.number.2.ip dev ppp1 nexthop via gateway.number.2.ip dev ppp2
> all these things I handle by scripts in
> /etc/ppp/ip-up.local /etc/ppp/ip-down.local
> when you do
> /sbin/ip route list
> you will see default routing as multipath routing:
> default
> nexthop via dev ppp1 weight 1
> nexthop via dev ppp0 weight 1
> It works, but it is not perfect.
> Some times it does not do good balancing.
> Vladislav

This will only equalize flows (each new remote ip will be
randomly assigned to one of the interfaces, after that all transit to
that ip happens via that interface). To equlize packets you need to
use the equalize keyword. NOTE, this requires a patched kernel. IIRC
the patch is part of the diff-serv patch. iproute must be recompiled
will the diffserv option set as well.

Then all outgoing packets will be randomized as to transmit
interface within the group.

And of course the inbound depends on what the far end is

As folks might have suspected, not much survives except roaches,
and they don't carry large enough packets fast enough...
--About the Internet and nuclear war.

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