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SubjectAgain: EQL - someone's use this thing yet?
Hi all.

(First, Alan and David: Sorry for this direct CC mail, but i'm needing
this thing, and you're two guys who i guess can help me).

Today i'm needing to use that (old) thing called EQL.

After follow a (broken) link at, i've found in
Documentation/networking/eql.txt the ftp site for eql tools (domain that
don't exist anymore), but grab that libc4, '95 year eql-1.2.tar.gz file
from metalab and try to compile it in 2.2.13. Didn't work, as i

Anyone's here still use this thing?

The system about to gain this "feature" will be a RH6.

Alan, i saw your name (again) in the eql_enslave.c. Do you have any
other version "stored on the hat" that works?

David, do you know any version that can be compiled w/o too much probs
in a RH6 sysetm?

I didn't find any .rpm file in RH CD's from any version neither rpmfind.


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