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SubjectRe: malware defense
"A month of sundays ago BIONDI Philippe wrote:"
> I suggest you to have a glimpse at the LIDS project
> (Linux Intrusion Detection System).
> Its aim is to have an incorruptible kernel (no /dev/kmem, no modules after
> boot time) and then to protect user space entities (like daemons, files,

But this is the wrong way round. I need a kernel that I can verify is
the one I put there and not any simulacron. I.e. I need the kernel
to have compiled into it a secret that allows me to verify it when I
load a verification module.

> Actually, I just remember a mirror address :
> I released an unofficial version last night (which I hope will be soon
> official) which can be found at

I'll have a look. Does it address the question above?


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