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SubjectRe: over 5Gb missing from a 13.5Gb disk

On 06-Dec-1999 Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Previously Kristofer T. Karas wrote:
>> Try playing around with the disk geometry parameters in
>> your BIOS to change the large/normal/lba setting until you achieve
>> those values.
> Unfortunately that's not an option with my BIOS.. it doesn't even show
> you what it thinks the disk geometry is. I'm also not convinced that
> that is the problem, since the exact same number is also printed
> on the disk itself..
>> (But note: if you have Windoze installed, you'll need to back up your
>> disk and reinstall, as it changes the mappings!)
> It's a new and still empty disk, so I don't mind..

I have had a similar problem for quite a while with a much smaller disk (4.3
GB). The BIOS does not want to translate it properly for some reason so it ends
up having above 14000 cyls.

I would suggest to try the following - force the number of heads, cylinders,
tracks to a proper value before partitioning using the fdisk extended options
(x - expert mode).

I think that you will start seeing the entire disk but I doubt that you will be
able to boot from it. If the disk is secondary it is a way out ;-)

Disclaimer: have not tried this on a 13G+ yet.

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