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SubjectProcess "pickling"
==> Regarding Process "pickling"; "Curtis M. Brune" <> adds:

curtis_brune> Hey, Is there any movement in the kernel world to "pickle"
curtis_brune> process, i.e. completely move a process and all associated
curtis_brune> kernel resources to disc. At a later time the process could
curtis_brune> be "brought back to life" on a DIFFERENT machine. The idea
curtis_brune> would be to move processes around between a cluster of
curtis_brune> machines, possiblly storing a process for months or years
curtis_brune> before waking it up again.

curtis_brune> Has this been a discussed before? Is it even possible?
curtis_brune> Seems very useful.

If you mean checkpoint/restart and/or process migration, then yes.
There are patches you can obtain to do this. See bproc:

There is a less portable set of patches named epckpt found here:

Currently I am working on a project to perform transparent process
migration. It was originally based on epckpt, but then we moved to
bproc. There is no useful code as of now. If you would like to track
our progress, see:



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