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SubjectRe: Linux headed for disaster?
On Dec 05, Mikulas Patocka wrote:

> I tried YOUR SciTech video driver for OS/2 and it trapped just after
> installation. This is what I said - closed drivers are BUGGY! If you
> release the sources (and make them compilable with some free compiler, for
> example EMX), someone would fix that bug.

working on drivers for graphics cards for XFree86 a long time now
I know pretty well that usually it's just a nice dream
that anyone out there would take the free sources and fix even
small bugs for hardware _many_ users have and suffer but which
I don't have for testing and fixing.

don't get me wrong, I really like Open Source (after all I'm working on it;)
but I've seen too often that in reality the argument "users might fix
broken software/drivers" just don't cut -- users too often just wait for
someone doing the the next release, whether it's binary or free source...

ObOpenSource: but yes, from time to time we get just reports including
full source patch to fix known or even unknown bugs -- and I really
very much appreciate those emails ena efforts!


ObBinaryDriver;) of couse binary-only drivers can be fixed by users too
(and fixes can be reported/distributed) -- I've done that too...
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