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SubjectRe: PATCH for 2.3.29: block device setup cleanup. wrote:
> Linus writes:
> > I do want character devices too, but I think we should consider block
> > devices and character devices to be completely separate things.
> > Not only are the number mappings different: character device X,Y is NOT
> > necessarily the same as block device X,Y at all
> Both you and Marcin sound as if you haven't seen this my letter on this topic
> from a few months ago - see
> : At present MKDEV is just a simple arithmetical operation, but the new
> : MKDEV must return the struct that belongs to the given major and minor.
> : But there are two of them! A block device and a character device.
> : Presently this last bit of information is implicitly present -
> : in drivers/block one talks about block devices, in drivers/char
> : about character devices. But we'll need it explicitly.
> : Thus, I have patches like
> :
> :--- ../linux-1.3.84/linux/arch/sparc/kernel/setup.c Mon Mar 4 07:49:56 1996
> :+++ ./linux/arch/sparc/kernel/setup.c Mon Apr 8 01:17:42 1996
> :...
> :
> : that change all calls of MKDEV() into either MKBDEV() or MKCDEV()
> : or MKXDEV(), where the latter occurs in a fs context, reading
> : special device nodes.
> You see, this is again an intermediate stage of the kind you disliked:
> saying explicitly everywhere in the source whether a MKDEV makes a block device
> or a character device, while, for the time being, while the rest of the work
> is not done yet, each of MKBDEV, MKCDEV and MKXDEV have the same definition,
> namely the present definition of MKDEV.
> Doing this is a single pass over the kernel source, completely trivial work.
> It does not achieve anything in itself, but makes it possible to do the real
> work touching only a few source files. Later one wants to remove almost all
> calls to MK[BC]DEV (since these are expensive now). This mostly involves not
> forgetting what we know already. This also implies that the pointer to the
> entire block device must be easily obtainable from the pointer to a partition,
> a favourite reason for doing MKDEV is MKDEV(MAJOR(dev),MINOR(dev)&~mask),
> and such calls must be entirely eliminated. I think the final result is more
> efficient than our present code.

So what's the problem? I'm starting to eat this fish from the back, so
you could
start doing it at *the* *same* time from the head. However I would
like to wait with any changes to the interface exposed to the user-land,
all the pieces inside the kernel are in place.... In what I will arrive
is that basically your MKBDEV will just return a pointer to the
See: unplug_device() for example. However only util I'm done with the
in ll_rw_blk.c and fs/buffer.c I can be 100% sure whatever it really
will work out
all that nicely. As you mention it alredy in the archived post: There
are many
things which *did* change in the time between. Like: rd.c, md.c, raw.c
to make
the most obvious examples. They will need some carfull addressing too.


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