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SubjectRe: Can't hardlink in different dirs. (BUG#826)

> >The last time: your change does not increase security. Sigh... Andrea,
> You say again for the open(2) issue? As I just said the open(2) is
> possible only due the lazyness of not having implemented revoke(2) yet.
> Just because fixing hardlinks is not enough it doesn't mean it's in the
> wrong direction.

revoke() is needed anyway (for /dev/vcsa, /dev/sound, /dev/fb0 for
example), so I guess

*) first implement revoke()

*) then talk about this issue again

I still think that adding feature to truncate file before deletion
into rm would make you happy, Andrea. That handles both open() and
link() cases nicely.

PS: That new switch to rm looks really nice, think about it.
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