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SubjectRe: Again: EQL - someone's use this thing yet?
Alan Cox wrote:
> > On Mon, 6 Dec 1999, Alexandre Hautequest wrote:
> > > Anyone's here still use this thing?
> >
> > AFAIK EQL is dead and you should use the teql queue instead.
> teql isnt useful on low bandwidth links where you really want to do per
> packet routing with queue length based balancers

and this is exactly what i need. I will aggregate 3 or 4 ppp links w/ an
ISP (here we use those USRobotics modems, the ADSL/ASDL/ISDN/alikes are
coming but with a high cost (about US$ 200 one 64k link).

Maybe other approach i can do is make a filter-based w/ NAT eql, where
one device just send packets out and other receives packets in. This
will be a forced hack ("xunxo", as we call here), but maybe works.

Is any trouble doing this? Like break tcp code?

But i really don't want do reinvent the wheel -- I know that eql does
this, and just want to have one version that runs in RH6.

Alexandre Hautequest - Linux User #116289
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