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SubjectRoot fs and ramdisk
In short, I'm porting linux to a custom PPC board.  Well, we've got the platform 
specific code written, and are to the point of mounting the root fs.

We have a root image, but for some reason seem to be unable to determine what
boot parameters to load into the kernel to get it to work. In short I was
wondering how to get the kernel to recognize a ramdisk at a specific location
and to mount this as the root device.

Do I need to use initrd?
How do I specify through the command line to use the disk and the like.

I have tried various messages to kernel, but all result in a panic saying it can
not mount root device 00:00

This is for 2.3.30 btw.

Also, a bug we found earlier today has use confused. We are using cross
compilers from ix86 to PPC and the latest binutils, but the linker was
overlapping static and globals located in the .sbss regions. We hacked the
linker to eliminate this problem, but it still concered me that this would


Jonathan Brauer
Texas Memory Systems

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