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SubjectRe: Toshiba Satellite 2595XDVD

> > > I am not sure to whom should I address this, it's about a buggy
> > > keyboard controller (I guess) found on <subj> laptops that has a
> > > peculiar behavior with some key sequences. Specifically, when you
> > > press a shift (ctrl, alt, shift) and a key - (mostly when you play a
> > > lot with shifts, like in emacs :-)) - sometimes the controller ignores
> > > the repeat delay and repeats the key, sending very close (tens of
> > > miliseconds) key_down interrups (kbd MAKEs).
> >
> > It would be nice to warn if such condition is detected. Silently
> > correcting problems is bad thing (tm). So patch currently looks like
> > this. (Also owners of good keyboards with short autorepeats will at
> > least know what code to disable and to who complain :-)))))
> Well, of course I had a printk in my first version of this, but, after
> a few days I deleted it... We can get it back, if you like. Also,
> the 200ms delay I am using here is less than the smalest delay
> possible (at least on PC kbds that I am aware of) that is 250 ms, and
> this is applicable only to the _second_ identical scancode in a row,
> therefore it only affects kbd delay, not kbd rate - so no probl with
> short autorepeats.

I'd like to shorten delay even more because there are keyboards that
can do faster autorepeats than PC.

printk() belongs there so that toshiba owners know their hardware is

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