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SubjectRe: bootmem and mem_map allocation problem
Nicolas Pitre writes:
> I'm currently re-integrating the StrongARM SA1100 support into 2.3.29 but
> here is the problem:

As I said quite prominently in the release notes for 2.3.29 for ARM, this is
expected at the moment:

> The 2.3.29 kernel patch is now on the FTP site. I can say as a certainty
> that it will NOT work on any architecture which has a non-zero physical
> memory offset. Depending on which patches get into Linus' kernel will
> depend on when this becomes available again.
> ...
> Again, please note that this kernel will not work on some of the ARM
> architectures (RiscPC for example). There are fixes in the pipeline
> already.

Ingo has a fix for this, and I am currently waiting for him to integrate it
into the kernel; there is no point fixing something twice when it has already
been fixed. Ingo's fix works well, and have tried to encourage him to forward
them to Linus, but have not received any response to date.

Unfortunately, Ingo's patch affects a number of files, which make it difficult
to manage when his patch goes into the mainstream. If you're interested, I
could redistribute the patch separately.
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