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Subjectnfs-utils 0.1.4 is released.
The main change from 0.1.3 is to support compilation with glibc 2.0.

H.J. Lu (
This is the Linux NFS utility package version 0.1.4. It is based on
knfsd 1.4.7.

WARNING: The NFS servers in Linux 2.2 to 2.2.13 are not compatible with
other NFS client implemenations. If you plan to use Linux 2.2.x as an
NFS server for non-Linux NFS clients, you should get the Linux NFS
kernel from the Linux NFS CVS server:

1. Set the environment variable, CVS_RSH, to ssh.
2. Login to the Linux NFS CVS server:

# cvs -z 3 login

without password if it is your first time.

3. Check out the current Linux 2.2 NFS kernel:

a. From the NFS V2 branch:

# cvs -z 3 co -r linux-2-2-nfsv2 linux-2.2

b. From the main trunk:

# cvs -z 3 co linux-2.2

4. If you don't want to use the current NFS kernel, you can find out
for which kernels the NFS patch is available:

# cd linux-2.2
# cvs -z 9 status -v Makefile

Then generate the kernel patch:

# cvs -z 3 rdiff -ko -u -r linux-2-2-xx -r linux-2-2-xx-nfsv2-xxxxx linux-2.2

If there is no NFS patch for the kernel you are interested in, you have
to make a patch closest to your kernel version and apply it by hand.

There is a Linux NFS kernel source tree for Linux 2.3, linux-2.3, on
the Linux NFS CVS server. We will need all the help we can get. To
contribute to the Linux NFS project, please go to

You register yourself. Please send an email to with

1. Your user id on
2. The area in NFS you'd like to work on.

You will be notified when it is done.

There is a Linux NFS mailing list at

You can subscribe it and search the mailing list archive via a web

The nfs-utils package is available from the CVS server:

# cvs -z 3 co nfs-utils

will get the latest version.

The files are

To compile, just do

# ./configure
# make

# make install

will install the nfs-utils binaries. You have to install the NFS
service scripts. There are 2 in etc/redhat provided for RedHat 6.x.
They are tested on RedHat 6.1.

On RedHat 6.1, you can use

# rpm -ta nfs-utils-0.1.4.tar.gz

to build the source and binary RPMs.

If your mount from util-linux is too old, you will need 2 patches:



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