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Subjectcalm down [ Re: Linux headed for disaster? ]

just my one cent...
I think we listened to a lot of good arguments contra and pro binary
drivers (I think the argument with the compiler versions is a good
one pro binary API even for open source drivers).
I would suggest that you simply code an API which you consider as
useful (because kernel development is open, you can see where it is
heading) and maintain the API. Then you can ship your drivers
as binary or as source using this API. If the API is useful enough
others will probably reuse it. If not it's just part of your driver.
Maybe it will once get included in the kernel, maybe not. There are
other successful kernel-related projects outside the official kernel
(devfs, crypto-patches,...) so I would not care at the moment about
this. Or maybe just one distribution includes it in the shipped
kernel and others follow.

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