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Subjecthanging on shutdown
I have a small home network. The gateway computer is running RedHat 6.0,
with RedHat's version of the kernel, 2.2.5-22. There are two ethernet
cards, one is attached to a cable modem (eth0), and the other to a small
4 port hub (eth1).

eth0 uses ne2k-pci module
and eth1 rtl8139

The problem is with eth0. If gateway has been running a short while, and
I perform a shutdown, there aren't any problems. The longer gateway has
been running however, the more likely that when I perform a shutdown,
the computer will hang in the middle of the process at the stage where
it is trying to unload the eth0 ne2k-pci module.

Does anyone know the cause of this? (or probable cause) Is there more
information I could provide that would help to solve this problem? Are
there are clues as to how I might go about fixing the problem myself? I
tried to read the source code, mostly comparing the ne2k-pci module to
other ethernet card modules, but perhaps I should be looking elsewhere
for the problem?

any input is greatly appreciated.
John Kacur

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