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SubjectRe: Binary drivers (Linux is DOOMED, DOOMED!)
On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Kendall Bennett wrote:
> Alan believe there is no problem. Yet lots of people (software
> developers and hardware vendors alike) tell me via private email that
> they agree entirely with what I am saying.

Ive spoken with vendors who categorically disagree with you. One
specifically told me that they do want to support linux but dont want to
be burdened with ANY support so they agreed that a non-binary driver was
the best solution - a binary-only driver of ANY kind (portable binary or
non portable is irrelevant) would incur tech support issues they simply
did not want to deal with.

In fact at least one vendor was seriously pissed off at having to support
multiple binary platforms for m$ for the same product.

> Yet they seem to be too scared to bring this up in public, because the
> Linux kernel developers have a long history of shooting down very good,
> well designed ideas because *they* don't agree with it.

Code speaks louder than words. If you think you have a better solution,
prove it. Developers are convinced by working code, not by people making
emotional arguments.


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