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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 32-bit UID support for 2.3.30pre6 (important update)
Chris Wing writes:
> Hello. I have a new version of the 32-bit UID support patches for Linux
> 2.3.30pre6. There are many changes in this version of the patch, which is
> why it has taken me a while to get around to posting it.
> The big change: all of the namespace problems should (hopefully) be fixed
> now. This means that if you install these modified kernel headers, you
> will still be able to compile programs under libc5, and you will be able
> to recompile your C library (libc or glibc) without any unexpected
> behavior.
> It is tested and working on the i386 architecture.
> The patches are available at:
> Changes in this version:
> - care has been taken to not change names where it would break
> libc5 compiles, or rebuilds of the C library.
> The following names have been redefined or are new:
> uid_t, gid_t

This will break compiling of libc5 programmes, because the definition
of uid_t is grabbed from the kernel includes, which you've just



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