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SubjectRe: Linux headed for disaster?
On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, Kendall Bennett wrote:

> > > Actually this is not the case. I will be building mechanisms to
> > > support binary loadble drivers for our products into the Linux
> > > kernels, and making those available as patches. I truly believe such
> >
> > > However I am upset by the notion that the GPL nature of the Linux
> > > kernel source can and is being used to force hardware vendors to
> > > release Open Sourcce drivers because they have no other option. Not
> >
> > You appear to have taken to contradicting yourself within emails now as well
> > as between them.
> Sorry, but the above is not a contradition. In the first paragraph I
> am talking about changes we would make to the kernel so that our
> *software* product can work better. We would not be dependent on
> anyone else to build or certify this product, since it is purely
> software.
> In the second paragraph I am talking about the fact that a *hardware*
> vendor who wishes to support Linux has no option but to be forced
> into release sources to their drivers. Hardware vendors can't go
> around building their own Linux distributions, because they need
> their hardware and drivers to work with all Linux distributions, and
> the *only* way to do that is to get the sources into the Linux kernel.
> I fail to see why you can't make the above distinction?

No... In the first paragraph you talk about how you are
intending to build a system whereby you will be able to have binary-only
drivers for your hardware. In the second paragraph you claim that isn't


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