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SubjectRe: gdth calls scsi_do_cmd() with an uninitialized Scsi_Device structure

I took a quick look. Let me say to start, that it is really gross
to be attempting to put together a phony Scsi_Device and Scsi_Cmnd, just
so that you can queue a command to the host adapter itself. I would like
it if there were another way of accomplishing the same thing without
getting the mid-layer into the mix. If there were a general need for
queueing commands to the SCSI ID for the HA itself, then I could
incorporate something, but as far as I can see gdth is the only driver
doing this.

Anyways, the quick fix for your case is probably to add a couple
of quick calls along the lines of:

blk_init_queue(&SDpnt->request_queue, scsi_request_fn);
SDpnt->request_queue.queuedata = (void *) SDpnt;


If you go the quick fix route, PLEASE add a fixme comment to clean
this up at a later date. Once you are done with the command, you should


At the moment this doesn't do that much, but at some point in the future
it might do more, and you might as well add it for correctness.

As long as you are at it, I am slowly in the process of
eliminating scsi_init_malloc/scsi_init_free. These calls can be replaced
with either kmalloc()/kfree(), or with __get_free_pages()/free_pages(). It
depends upon whether you are allocating a multiple of a page size or not.
The only tricky thing is that scsi_init_malloc does memset the memory to
0, so you would need to check and see if you need to do this. Anyways,
gdth.c uses these interfaces, and it was kind of low on my list of things
to do to fix this as well.


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