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SubjectRe: Unexecutable Stack / Buffer Overflow Exploits...
On Thu, 30 Dec 1999, Theodore Y. Ts'o wrote:
> Kernel mods to make the stack executable *aren't* the only way to try to
> prevent stack smashes from becoming security holes. There _are_ other
> potential approaches. Are they perfect? No. But neither is making the
> stack non-executable; everyone admits that. Furthermore, some of these
> alternatives have the property that don't require making ugly kernel
> changes.

Youre talking about stackguard right? I guess the problem here is that
noone has ported stackguard to egcs yet. Would be nice though.

> That should make them at least passingly interesting.

Yes but stackguard incurs overhead that solar designer's kernel patches
dont. Different tradeoffs. The question is - which is more acceptable?

FWIW solar designer's patch has been around a long time, is fairly well
tested, and most of the shortcomings have been identified and patched or
worked around already.

And is solar designers kernel patch really that ugly? Looked pretty
clean and straightforward to me (at least compared to some of the cruft
which has gone into recent kernels!) if we are going to use that line of
argument 8)


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