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SubjectRe: Can't hardlink in different dirs. (BUG#826)
In message <Pine.LNX.4.10.9912032047110.902-100000@alpha.random>, Andrea 
eli writes:
| then. It's a namespace issue. If I put my inode in my directory it must
| not finish into /tmp after some time by somebody that has nothing to do
| with me.


"Namespace issue"? Perhaps you should learn some Unix before declaring how
its filesystem namespace works.... The primary namespace is <dev,inumber>.
Directory entries map names to those (dev being implicit), and the only
reason it's got any restrictions is that you can't write an fsck that can
cope with e.g. hard links to directories.

You don't "put" inodes in directories. You link to them --- implicitly by
creation, or explicitly with the link() syscall --- and unlink from them.
But inodes are not dependent on directory entries; that's how
unlink-after-open works to create anonymous temporary files which will stick
around as long as *any* reference to them (link, open file, current
directory, etc.) exists.

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