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    SubjectRe: [rfc] __SMP__ vs. CONFIG_SMP
    All the __SMP__ are historical.  The reason for it was subtle:
    suppose every file that needs __SMP__ includes <linux/config.h>.
    Then about 95% of the entire kernel would depend on config.h, and
    if the user were to re-configure and changes anything, that would
    cause a lot of compilation. That was Linus's stated reasoning.

    Two things happened. First, about 95% of the kernel source files
    depend on <linux/config.h> anyways, regardless of SMP settings.
    Second, the kernel now has fine-grained CONFIG_* dependencies,
    which took care of the problem Linus was worried about.

    I would be in favor of patches to change the existing usages of __SMP__
    to CONFIG_SMP, except for the include/ directory. But I think
    global cleanup patches are better in 2.5.1 than the pre-2.4 series
    which is almost here.

    But if you want to write up a partial patch (like arch/i386 and
    include/i386) and submit it to Linus and get his opinion, go for it.

    Michael Elizabeth Chastain
    "love without fear"

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