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    SubjectAnnounce: DinX windowing system 0.2.0

    This is my first kernel module project, developed on 2.2.5. I'm keen to
    get feedback from folks who have more experience with device drivers and
    such. Please let me know if I've made any horrible design mistakes. It's
    been fun learning about race conditions; the TODO lists the only one I
    know about, along with my intended fix. I'm subscribed to linux-fbdev,
    but not to linux-kernel. Cheers,

    - Ben.

    Ben Williamson

    name: DinX is not X

    version: 0.2.0



    author: Ben Williamson <>

    category: console/graphics

    brief: Windowing system, uses Linux framebuffer.

    license: MPL with GPL option


    DinX is an experimental windowing system that performs clipping and
    drawing inside Linux kernel modules. This eliminates much context
    switching between clients and the server, and makes the code small, simple
    and fast. It is aimed at small systems like Linux handhelds.

    The first public release includes draggable windows and a simple image
    viewer. All clipping and drawing operations are working properly. The
    window server program is under development, to provide a more complete set
    of events.

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