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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Khimenko Victor wrote:

> In <> Stephane Dudzinski ( wrote:
> > Ok, that's a point but would that explain that SCSI cards (like the
> > adaptec 78xx AHA-2940 u/w SCSI) would start to have some
> > strange behaviors like SCSI timeouts whatever you are trying to do ?
> aic7xxx cards are crap. Doug Ledford doing herculean work to make them usable
> somehow but they are still do not work well (they constantly hung under really
> heavy load). That's all. It's not problem with linux's SCSI driver or anything.
> It's bad hardware design. There are only one solution to problem: throw out
> your card in window and buy Buslogic.

I donnot use aic7xxx boards but I use to read some scsi lists since years
and I didn't notice the crap you are talking about. Some early pushed out
of the door controllers may have had serious flaws, but this seems to
apply to everything that deals with computers nowadays, including

By the way, I agree about maintaining drivers for PCI-SCSI controllers
being some Herculean task and that being a strong man not seeming to be


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