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    SubjectRe: 2.3.30 linuxNFS import is broken (Screwed up NFS/RPC credentials)
    >>>>> " " == Horst von Brand <> writes:

    > What if several people open the same file (from different
    > machines, even)? The permissions might have changed in
    > between... AFAIKS, you need one such cookie for each time the
    > file has been open(2)ed via NFS, and that gets ugly.

    The 'struct file' is allocated when the file is opened, so it is not
    shared among users. Each user will therefore be able to cache his/her
    own permissions. This is why I want to pass the file structure rather
    than the 'dentry' structure to the readpage/writepage. The latter is
    common to all users of the file, and can therefore not be used to pass
    user/process-specific information.


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