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    SubjectRe: Linux Kernel 2.2.13 shooting Solaris ADSM server
    Date (Andreas Jellinghaus) writes:

    > adsm has a buffer overflow:
    > "2.1.131" or "2.2.13" or any <= 7 char string as version number is ok.
    > "2.1.131a" or "2.1.131aa" or "2.1.131-preX" or whatever kernel with
    > 8 or more chars will crash the server.
    > so, if you used some -pre kernel version, this should be it.
    > edit Makefile and remove the extraversion.

    ACK. I gave it some extra version since I patched it with reiserfs and
    current ide drivers, so that sounds pretty much reasonable, and it
    sounds like somebody has not Since it's not kernel related, I'm going to
    end this thread here.

    Matthias Andree

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