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    SubjectLinux Kernel 2.2.13 shooting Solaris ADSM server

    recently, we upgraded a Linux box from 2.2.12 to 2.2.13, afterwards, our
    backup administrators complained and locked that box out since their
    ADSM server that our Linux box was a client of has crashed. It's IBM's
    "Adstar Distributed Storage Manager" on a Solaris 2.5.1
    box. Now, this is really strange, but the server crashed immediately
    after the client (with the new kernel) queried its schedule from the
    server, so the coincidence gives strong hints that it has to do with the
    2.2.13 upgrade. Regretfully, the only hint is

    Any hints as to where to track this odd behaviour down? My headaches are

    a) that the affected machine cannot be rebooted easily, since it runs
    web pages, is a mail hub, has font servers, bin directories, vpnd server
    and so on.

    b) I cannot debug without prior talk to administrators.

    c) IBM don't support Linux ADSM clients.

    d) if it fails, 300 other clients will be without backup/restore
    services until the next business day.

    Matthias Andree

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