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SubjectRE: Ok, I give up...
> Why don't you try Slackware? I have some production machines, all for
> web and databases (oracle and sybase) and uptimes are about
> 120+ days...
> now they are going down to a update -- i'm changing all to slack 7.
> Of course you will need to learn a bit, but knowledge is not
> too much :)

And I've had RedHat 5.0 and 6.0 boxen with hundred day uptimes crunching
databases too. Tho I am now switching to slack 7...

I'm more inclined to agree with Mike Harris's post earlier. It likely isn't
the distribution. It's probably:

1) Operator error. Missing packages, corrupted packages, corrupted install,
miscompiled kernels, incompatible software. Checked a ChangeLog lately?
Things Will Change (tm). I had to kick a RH5.0 install up one side of the
datacenter and down the other to get it to run a 2.2 kernel (and eventually
gave up and left it at 2.0.36).

2) Hardware error. Hardware that worked yesterday can, and will, die today.
Been there, done that, still regrowing the hair on my head from it. Happens
more often in Networking than in Systems, but, it happens.

3) Combination of 1 and 2.

*shrug* When this crap happens to me, I just reinstall, and pay closer
attention to what I install. Usually I've missed something.


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