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SubjectRe: set_pte() is no longer atomic with PAE36.

On Thu, 2 Dec 1999, Stephen C. Tweedie wrote:

> Ingo, do we not have a bit of a problem with set_pte() on PAE36-enabled
> builds now?
> #define set_pte(pteptr, pteval) ((*(pteptr)) = (pteval))

hm, looks like we'll have to use cmpxchg8b.

> would seem to be a problem: the 64-bit write is not atomic. When
> setting an unused pte, we want the word containing the page present bit
> to be the last word written. When clearing a pte, though, we need the
> page present bit to be cleared before we invalidate the high order word,
> otherwise we're in trouble if another cpu populates its tlb whilte the
> pte is in an inconsistent (but valid, to the cpu) state.

yep, right. if you change the PAE clear_pte() to use cmpxchg8b, does it
fix the boot problems you see?

> Modifying an existing pte (eg. for COW) is probably even harder: do we
> need to clear the page-present bit while we modify the high word?
> Simply setting the dirty or accessed bits should pose no such problem,
> but relocating a page looks as if it could bite here.
> Basically, as long as we can assume that another cpu will only ever see
> a pte with the page-present bit clear or a completely valid pte, all
> should be fine. Or have I missed something fundamental?

i think we should definitely update 64-bit ptes atomically, this could be
especially important for multiple threads mapping/unmapping areas and
building TLBs. This could also be a security risk. (just imagine half of
the pte being seen on one CPU and the TLB goes to the wrong place.)

i think we still have some other problem, but this is a definitive bug i
believe, yes.


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