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SubjectRe: Help! with Linksys Etherfast LNE 100 TX
Try copying the tulip.c driver that is included on the Linksys Disk 2
onto /usr/src/linux/drivers/net and then recompile the kernel with the
tulip driver enabled. For some reason the lastest tulip.c drivers, as
well as the ones included with RH, do not work with the Linksys card.
However, the older modified driver on the Linksys diskette does.


David Flory wrote:
> Hello!
> I bought a "Switched network in a box" kit from Cyberian Outpost
> after reading an article in Linux Journal. But I am having problems just
> getting the included 10/100 PCI NICs to run. When I try to use DEC Tulip
> drivers, I get "Delayed eth0 initialization" when booting and dmesg shows
> "unknown Tulip type PCI NIC" or something similar. Can someone help? I'm
> running a straight Red Hat Linux 6.1 out of the box on a old PII/233.
> The card has a sticker with "Linksys C98-00538247 LNE100A0" on
> the back and the chip in front says Linksys LNE100TX ....."
> Thanks in advance for any help rendered or any tips ...

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