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SubjectRe: Thread-private mappings and graphics (was Re: Per-Processor Data Page)
> > You seem to want to move away from opengl in the direction requiring
> > people to hard code support for individual boards into end user software.
> > Or did I miss some important concept?

On Sat, Dec 18, 1999 at 10:08:13PM -0500, James Simmons wrote:
> Yes you did. Linux is hacker environment. Why do people hack? Because it
> is a art form. Its your creation. Thats why I program. Linux is like
> heaven to a true hacker. Thats why I moved from M$ windows to Linux. You
> can create whatever you like with unlimited freedom. Take that away and
> force people to use a properitary API then you take away the magic. If you
> don't understand that well not everyone appreciates art. So please support
> programming freedom.


(1) Feel free to write whatever hacks you want for the kernel. Anyone can do that.

(1a) Convincing others that what you've done is worthwhile is more about
their freedoms than yours, however.

(2) The OpenGL API is not proprietary. The label is. [Mesa, for example, hasn't
yet been certified as an official implementation of OpenGL, but it uses the API.]

What I meant was: have I missed some important technical concept?


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