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SubjectRe: PROBLEM: Asynchronous I/O with realtime signals erroneously sends SIGIO
Hi Rene,

> >I think I found two bugs in the handling of real time signals in
> >the kernel. Here is the bug report in the suggested format.

> > Bug #2 (the more serious one):
> I havent looked into that one. Does 2.3.30 have the same behaviour? If not
> its probably fixed.

I don't know about 2.3.30, but looking at the 2.3.26 sources, it seems
the problem is still there.

> > signal the server could impersonate any other user/process by
> > appropriately filling the si_uid and si_pid fields.
> ? No, the si_uid, si_pid are informational only.

Yes, but IMHO if an information cannot be trusted, it's quite useless!


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