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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Core patch for 32-bit UIDs
    Chris Wing wrote:
    > The problem with a 32-bit pid_t is that an old libc5 program that fork()s
    > and has a child with pid >32767 is going to break when it tries to send a
    > signal to the child.

    glibc programs that use any sort of SysV ipc compiled before your patch
    also use shorts for pid's, right?

    If so, then libc5 programs aren't the only problems.
    All the more reason to get this straightened out in glibc now,
    so more programs will work when the kernel throws the switch to allow
    pid's above 32767.

    - Dan

    (The above is just my personal opinion; I don't speak for my employer,
    except on the occasional talk show.)

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