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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Core patch for 32-bit UIDs

    > I'd like to put my +1 in for 32-bit UIDs.


    > Now, about those 16 bit PID's... is it really fair to
    > allow more users than threads or processes ?
    > (Just kidding. At least for now.)
    > [dank@krunch linux-2.3.33]$ grep 'typedef.*pid_t' include/*/*.h | grep short
    > include/asm-arm/posix_types.h: typedef unsigned short __kernel_ipc_pid_t;
    > include/asm-i386/posix_types.h: typedef unsigned short __kernel_ipc_pid_t;
    > include/asm-m68k/posix_types.h: typedef unsigned short __kernel_ipc_pid_t;


    Note that you've found references to 'ipc_pid_t'. I've already included
    support for 32-bit pid_t in my patches to the IPC code, needed to support
    32-bit UIDs there.

    Now, actually supporting 32-bit (or 31-bit :) pids will require other
    changes, and will possibly break many non-glibc programs...


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