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SubjectRe: IDE Driver Reports Erroneous Errors While Mounting NWFS 2.0 at boot
> Perhaps I am not understanding what the error is reporting.  The range
> error states that I am asking for 1715620. Is this number a 1024 byte
> block address or the LBA offset of the disk and not an LBA sector
> offset? NetWare does everything as LBA based, so we call
> set_blocksize(dev, 512) and set the devices to a 512 sector block size.
> What could conceivable be going on here is that for some reason, the
> driver is not in a state where we can do this, and we are breaking it,
> then running off the end of the disk.

The number reported is in 1K blocks.

> The device is 850/64/63 so it's sectors are 0x3451E0, but the driver is
> reporting we are off the end at 0x1A2762, which is bogus, if the device
> is reporting LBA ranges.

That would be 344EC4 so its plausible. Could you have issued requests before
changing the block size ? It sounds form your comemnt that after that error
everything continued fine ? If so you only issued one stray request somehow -
as it would have logged each I/O that went off the end in its view.


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