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SubjectRe: [security] Big problem on 2.0.x? (fwd)
On Wed, 15 Dec 1999, Alan Cox wrote:

> > > If you want to become 2.0.x maintainer and fix this and the other
> > > chunk of bugs then be my guest. I don't really have time to worry
> > > about 2.0, 2.2 and 2.3.34.
> > Ok. As long as everyone else accepts it. What does the almighty
> > penguin say about this?
> I have no idea. I don't have time to sort out 2.0, but I do have time to
> review a 2.0.39 suggested set from someone who is willing to do all the leg
> work.
> > (Oh, and what "other chunk of bugs" are you talking about?! If this chunk
> > is very great, I might get cold feet...)
> I have an in queue of about 20 items from 2.0.37 stuff - mostly driver
> updates.

Ok. Bounce them to me, and I'll start working (it'll feel a bit strange
booting a v2.0.xx kernel again, after running v2.2.xx and v2.3.xx for such
a long time, but...)


I've begun working on a v2.0.39 now. This far I've only applied the
patch that started this discussion, and read up on bugtraq to make sure no
other outstanding bugs existed (I found none, but that does of course not
imply that there are none...)

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