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    SubjectRe: vesafb on archs !ia32 [Re: Calling VESA BIOS routines from kernel?]
    > I'd definitely prfer the vm to be running in user mode via
    > callbacks. That keeps the 8086 vm handling a lot cleaner, and also
    > means it doesnt blow your machine to bits every time you meet a
    > bios bug. Having a single vm doing all the jobs makes sense
    > however, as it keeps the bios single threaded in its happy virtual
    > world

    Hopefully, it will also mean that such a monstrosity is only loaded
    by Xfree when it detects you have a card which it cannot initialize
    itself anyhow... (I'm assuming here that many non-sucky cards will be
    able to be initialize by their respective drivers eventually).


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