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SubjectRe: Bash Issues
In <> Alexander Viro ( wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Dec 1999, David Weinehall wrote:

>> Either just ignore him, or help him. Flaming people will never help them.

> Urgh... I guess that you had less support calls along those lines.

> OK, anyway: problem has _nothing_ with terminal settings or with the
> shell. Couldn't have anything with the latter and posted code does the
> right thing with the former (even if it wasn't originally set right, which
> I doubt). However, different charsets have different locations for
> pseudo-graphics. And believe me, lots of DOS programs were butt-ugly on
> (e.g.) Cyrillic charsets.

No, they are not. Mostly. DOS world are using cp866 where all graphs are in
the same position as cp437. There was a lot of different encodings initially
but near 1988-89 year cp866 winned. EXACTLY due need to use #$#$%& programs
with imagination that all world is using cp437 :-(( MS Word for DOS macroses
was nightmare however: MS Word is using characters with codes 0xAE and 0xAF to
mark parts of macro. Unfortunatelly 0xAE and 0xAF is just plain russian letters
in cp866 and so macroses locked plain ugly. In Linux world though we are using
KOI8-R (and KOI8-U sometimes but NOT iso-8859-5 like glibc thinks :-) but not
straight: cp866 is loaded via setfont and mapscrn used to map KOI8-R => cp866.
It's needed due VGA limitations. So you can draw pseudographics in "\033(U"
mode and russian filenames in "\033(K". And a lot of programs actually works
this way. I can switch to cp866 with printf "\033(U" and back to koi8-r with
printf "\033(K" but in both modes mc will draw lines just fine !

> Could you spell "box boundary consisting of letters"? Sweet memories of
> client config utilities from NW 2.x on Pravetz... If you need CGA-compatible
> charset - use cp437. For more graceful solution - check dialog(1). BTW, I
> suspect that you could seriously cut down on the coding simply calling dialog
> or whiptail - they can handle such stuff quite fine.

> And now for the first part of advice...

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