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SubjectRe: vesafb on archs !ia32 [Re: Calling VESA BIOS routines from kernel?]
The "entire x86 vm inside the kernel" is the approach FreeBSD took.  It
seems to work well. This has the nice side benefit that all the VESA
functions are available in protected mode, not just real mode.

On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Alan Cox wrote:
> > framebuffer". I can't believe I'll have to write an IA32 emulator into the
> > kernel to do that (on sane hardware I would achieve the switch with a pair
> > of writel() in the MMIO I think).
> Its about 100 outw()'s to put an S3 card into the right mode, and I think that
> is fairly typical. Some of them are also board not chipset dependant too.
> Notably the memory timings on things like the Cirrus logic boards.

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