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    On Sun, Dec 12 1999, Richard B. Johnson wrote:
    > Has anybody written a driver and made a tool to format it? The
    > Adaptec BIOS won't let me format it because "Not a DISK". So I
    > need to send a "format-unit" command, plus make a driver that
    > makes it it look like a disk block-device. No problem, but I don't

    I have written a small tool that does just that (formatting,
    blanking, etc). It's a bit unfinished still, I'll send it
    to you in private.

    > want to do what somebody has already done.

    I'm writing a packet writing layer that sits between the CD-ROM
    driver and the block layer. And it's not as easy as you
    might think, you need to write fixed sized packets for CD-RW,
    you can't just write out whatever the requests feed you.

    * Jens Axboe <>
    * Linux CD-ROM Maintainer

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