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SubjectRe: Ext3 Filesystem
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Peter Samuelson wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>[Dr. Michael Weller &lt;>]
<br>> I mean, what you really want is: have the journal on a separate
<br>> partition with no filesystem at all. Best of all on a seperate disk
<br>> (controller, maybe). And you might want to have one journal only
<br>> all filesystems.
<p>AIX does this.&nbsp; There is one journal LV (logical volume) for each
<br>(volume group).&nbsp; This (rather than one journal per whole system)
<br>because the VG is intended to be the unit of portability,</blockquote>
Thats statement is dependent on if you have created more vg's then the
default rootvg.
<br>If you only has the rootvg then there's one journal for the system.
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>i.e. you can
<br>eject a ZIP disk with a VG on it and the VG on it will work elsewhere.
<br>AIX's JFS is restricted to the LV/VG universe (it starts calling you
<br>nasty names if you try to create one on just any old block device),
<br>this scheme works well.
It's possible to do that to but with some odm hacking though :-)
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>I don't think AIX makes any effort to load-balance the log between
<br>physical disks.&nbsp; It can't -- the size of the journal LV is the
The journal lv acts like paging lv's
<br>which means you can change the size on it whenever you want, stripe
it, let it grow over
<br>multiple disks etc.
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>&nbsp;
<br>I agree that for load-balancing reasons it would be nice if ext3 moved
<br>in the direction of supporting journal-outside-fs and even a shared
<br>journal blockdev.
I must dissagre.
<br>When you put it outside the fs you loose control of it.
<br>I would like to see the journal on a fs and then a lv on top of it.
(oh no that sounded like AIX&nbsp;impl :) )
<br>The question is why havent the LVM been integrated to 2.3.x kernels?
Code speaks louder than words.&nbsp;

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