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SubjectRe: [RFC] proposed IPC changes to support 32-bit UIDs

> > suggestion... my real question was whether or not we had to support libc5
> > compiles at all. If we do, then we can't rename any structures in the
> > kernel include files. If we don't, then whatever is in the kernel source
> Well we havent quite killed off libc4 yet (and in fact I know ISP boxes
> running libc4 which is going to be very funny in about 29 days)


Anyway, I'll fix up the IPC stuff to preserve backwards compatibility with
libc5; I'm afraid I'm too young to remember libc4 :)

Does this mean that I can't rename the system calls from getuid to
getuid16, etc., either? (at worst, my changes to unistd.h may cause
problems to those who recompile the C library against the new kernel
headers, but shouldn't affect ordinary program compiles)

Chris Wing

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