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    SubjectRe: ATI
    Brad Douglas wrote:
    > I would have sent this to the list as well, but I just get the digest
    > version and I haven't exactly taken the time to figure out how to reply to
    > messages from the digest on the list ;).

    You could just write to l-k.

    > >From what you're describing, what you're doing seems right unless there's a
    > conflict with the pseudo-dual-head thing you have going. If you get a
    > chance this week, could you boot with only the R128 driver and see if it
    > works? I'm interested in the results.

    I have just compiled one 2.3.26 with only aty128fb and got almost "garbage" on
    the screen at the initialisation of the aty128fb and the boot process hangs.
    But I don't know how to give the parameters to the kernel ?
    Something like (with lilo): 2.3.26 video=aty128fb:mode???

    > Right now, the R128 driver is experimental and little is supported at the
    > moment. The two of us that are working on it also have busy day jobs.
    > Now that I have gotten my excuses out of the way, let me give you the
    > rundown:
    > As of the code that's in the kernel, only unaccelerated modes are supported.
    > All resolutions and bit depths should be OK, less maybe 15bpp (I have
    > noticed some tearing in the display at 1024+ resolutions, but that is going
    > away with the next patch). Fonts are not supported yet, either.
    > The next patch will be quite an improvement. There will be some
    > acceleration and stability should be greatly increased. I just have one
    > more big bug to smash before I release it for testing. Oh, I'll also be
    > adding a bit of debug code, so I can better follow the errata.

    Great, and maybe just addind one little doc for atyfb and aty128fb (not much,
    just the usage) would be tremendous :-)

    > With that said, I'm going to spend quite a bit of this coming weekend to
    > liberating that bug and I'll throw in a PCI ATI card and see what kind of
    > results (or lack thereof) I can get.

    So I am near sure in a near future I'll be able to use my two monitors ;-)

    > Thanks for checking out the driver,

    Thanks you very much for helping me and writing the driver!

    Please, don't cc to me: I am on the list...

    Greg ICQ:16624071
    Gregoire Favre, Institut de Mathématique de l'Universite de Lausanne

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