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SubjectRe: Reiserfs licencing - possible GPL conflict?
Alan Cox wrote:

> He says several weeks for the benefit of the hard of reading ...

I think I'm not the only one hard of reading today:

" We thought of doing something similiar with NWFS, but
our attorneys, after spending several weeks examining the GPL and
reviewing case law for open source IP, advised us is that we either
could "give it all away" or restrict it, but that if we placed any
restrictions on it, it wasn't open sourced."

This is the only mention of several weeks, and it has nothing to do with
reiserfs. No one is talking about USE restrictions, and as I said in my
first message: legally there is no such things as "open source".

> > Perhaps you are just afraid that new developments like ReiserFS are
> > making your efforts on the near dead NWFS increasingly pointless?
> Umm does reiserfs read netware partitions ? Thats a new feature I didnt
> know about.

Okay. Lets think for a second.

1. What direction is Netware's market share going?
2. How many people (even netware users) have any big reason to share a
netware disk
in linux?
3. How much effort has it taken to produce a NWFS for linux?

Given these questions, it makes sence that the NWFS was developed as a
replacement FS for Linux. Therefor, any other FS you could use with
Linux would be competitors? No?

> > Strange.
> Your message is indeed very strange.

Actually, I think it's stranger that you'd get involved in such a
trivial flame war, you normally only get in on the good ones. :)

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