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    SubjectRe: cdrom data 2.2.14pre4 ?
    On Tue, Nov 09 1999, wrote:
    > > That sounds like you are trying to copy data from a CDi / Video CD.
    > > In Linux that is only supported by using an ioctl to grab the data,
    > > since we can't use ordinary reads to get to the data. Comparable
    > > to CDDA. This is why you get the above error message.
    > that makes sense, Dan, Jens.
    > thanks. ok, so I'll have to live with that for now (and copy the data via
    > ftp/windows to my machine on jaz disk(s) to play a video.

    There are stand alone programs that can help you read the data,
    so you don't have to resort to Windows if you don't want to ;).
    And at least mpegtv supports playing Video CD's directly. Try
    searching the web and you're bound to find something (sorry,
    don't have any URL's handy).

    * Jens Axboe <>
    * Linux CD-ROM Maintainer

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