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    SubjectRe: Hot PCI bus plugging

    > Yes you have a very good point there, that I mentioned in a private
    > e-mail. The BIOS does that at bootup, so we would have to assume
    > control of that ourselves.


    > That wouldn't be too difficult, but would
    > add some housekeeping to the PCI layers -- mainly allocating and keeping
    > track of IRQs and base addresses/ranges.

    For I/O and memory ranges, we already do that in 2.3.

    > (Dang those broken cards that don't share.. Why doesn't everybody just read
    > the friggin' PCI spec??? :) )

    Do you know of any such PCI card?

    Have a nice fortnight
    Martin `MJ' Mares <> <>
    "For every complex problem, there's a solution that is simple, neat and wrong."

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